Stair Runners & Rugs

We offer a wide range of high-quality and stylish stair runners to enhance your staircase. Featuring a diverse selection of materials, patterns, and colours to suit any taste and budget.

We work with products from the top manufacturers, including Off the Loom who provide a fabulous range of 100% New Zealand Wool flat weave material. These flatweaves are sewn together to create pieces large enough for any landing and fabulous Rugs.

Fibre Flooring, Riviera & Elements of London are some of our favourite Carpets that we like using to craft Stair Runners and Rugs. Choose from any of their ranges and we will cut to the desired size and bind the edges in coloured cotton to create your perfect Stair Runner or Rug, in any size!

The benefits of stair runners include, that they are:

  • Safer than hard surfaced floors (such as wood), which can be slippy. They also provide a softer landing should you fall.
  • Sound absorbers, unlike hard surfaces, such as wood.
  • Provide comfort underfoot.
  • Stylish.

Staircases tend to take a lot of traffic, so when choosing your flooring durability is key. Off the Loom, one of our main suppliers, use a quality 3 ply yarn making their products extra durable.

To get the most out of your carpet it is best to have an underlay fitted first. We have a range of underlays to choose from. We are also able to provide accessories, including stair rods. Stair rods are decorative batons that are placed at the bottom of each step.

You can visit our showroom to view our stair runners or contact us to book a free consultation. We are also able to provide carpet samples upon request.

Our carpet fitters travel throughout Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and the surrounding areas.

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